NDIS School Leavers program

Short Term Accomodation


Everybody needs a break sometimes! Respite care can help give you and your carer some valuable time apart by providing you with alternate, short-term accommodation. This is normally arranged within a group home. Respite care is designed to give both NDIS participants and their informal support a well-earned break.

While staying in our short-term accommodation, you’re treated to a well-deserved break, from routine, while your informal support network also gets some time to themselves. Gold start Loving Care respite isn’t just about the accommodation, it also involves the support you receive while staying there. At Gold star loving care we provide the level of care you require, while staying in our short-term accommodation, which may allow you to share a support worker with other guests, which can help give you more value for money.

While staying in our short-term accommodation we will offer the following
  • Capacity-building group activities as part of your stay, such as art therapy sessions, group fitness activities, or day trips.
  • An opportunity to meet new friends, develop new skills and build your capacity and independence.
  • We will offer group activities that are designed to do exactly that.
  • Our Short-term accommodation is a good steppingstone to gain independence, if that’s one of your NDIS goals!

We offer flexible NDIS support options. Our family support and respite programs are highly personalised. We can adapt perfectly to your schedule. Services can be provided from as little as a few hours, to 24-hour care, to weeks in one of respite home/ community, or we can provide short term respite accommodation at one of our homes.

We can provide in-house respite care for people/clients wishing to remain within their own homes


At Gold Star Loving Care Services we offer NDIS Medium term disability accommodation. As an NDIS participant, there is a possibility to get funds from the NDIS for Medium term accommodation. The main purpose of this for one to have a place to live and the support needed while waiting for a long-term accommodation.

How long is NDIS Medium Term Accommodation?

Medium term accommodation is usually funded by the NDIS for up to 90 days.
Our aim at Gold Star Loving Care Services is to ensure that we significantly satisfy your needs as much support as you require and a place to stay. At Gold Star Loving Care Services we always ensure we give our clients, a person-centred approach.